5 Stage Auto Glaze

Stage 1: Advanced Surface Restoration is achieved thorough a detailing process that involves different levels of compounding and polishing.

Stage 2: Is a De-oxidation process which corrects and polishes out unwanted contaminants, swirl marks and fine scratches.

Stage 3: Special sealants chemically bond with the de-oxidised paint forming a smooth and mirror like finish.

Stage 4: Is the application of high-end professional glazes, creating that ultimate showroom shine.

Stage 5: Aerospace waxes are applied offering better resistance to climatic conditions leaving your car looking better for longer.

Auto Glazes take between 1 to 2 hours to complete, an affordable and extreme make-over for any car. We come to you fully equipped. All glazes include free outer mag cleaning and tyre glaze.

Auto Glazing